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Most amazing taps!

We had do our plumbing in the house we just built,, The crew was on time.. 

Joe is a designer to! He has a good eye for what new and wonderful on the market.

We now have the most amazing taps in our home, just like a waterfall.

Thank you

You’re awesome

Mr. and Mrs. Wright | Victoria BC

Giving us complements rocked our new house.

We were out of town, we came back to see the job done right, with the fixtures we had piucked out with the designer were installed, and functioning well.

Our friends keep giving us complements on our kitchen and beautiful Bathroom

The Hot Tub works great! 

Thanks Joe! 

The Smith's | Oak Bay | Victoria

The ultimate bathtub came in and installed the ultimate bathtub I have ever come across. It comes with all the jets and is not just working my muscles, but my soul.

I appreciate the time they spent with me and installing this in my newly renovated character home in James Bay

Thanks guys!!

Jim and Betty Beam

Sidney BC | Canada